Friday, March 25, 2011

Nina's Thoughts on YouTube Symphony 2011 Grand Finale

I had the wonderful pleasure to be a part of the 2011 YouTube Symphony in Sydney, Australia. What an incredible week!  I performed in several outdoor concerts, in a jam session at The Basement nightclub, and during the live event, I co-hosted the intermission show with Berlin Philharmonic horn player Sarah Willis (video below).

 Here is what Google is reporting for the concert's live stream statistics:

"[The YTSO] performance was historic. The YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011 Grand Finale live stream was the largest live stream we've ever done here at YouTube. We connected 30.7 million
streams on computers and a further 2.8 million streams on mobile devices. The previous leader was U2 live on YouTube. We're really thrilled with this result."

I really suggest you watch the entire show which was breathtaking and moving. I honestly think that I experienced this concert in more varied ways than anyone else in the world!

I watched the first half of the show from the outdoor viewing area at Dawes Point on the Sydney Harbor, which had the most incredible views of the outdoor projections. During intermission, I interviewed Android, who calls himself a Digital Alchemist of Light.

Then I watched part of the second half from the projection production area where I got to see Android Jones create his artwork live and watch the Obscura team in action.

Then in the car on the way back to the opera house, I watched the concert from my nexus s android phone using the YTSO app. Don't worry, I wasn't driving!

Once at the opera house, I saw a few bits on the monitor in the backstage green room.

Then I slipped into the audience to watch the last few pieces of the program in the concert hall of the Sydney Opera House, where the acoustics and the energy from the audience were exhilarating!

Of course, I also watched videos of the concert from my computer after the live event was over!

I got very choked up during the concert. All these musicians were previously just 101 videos, but by the end of our time in Sydney, they were truly 101 friends (plus all the wonderful mentors, conductors, soloists, and staff with whom I worked closely).

How will the YTSO ever top this? I don't know, but I sure hope I will be a part of it when they do.


p.s. Feel free to visit my photo albums from Sydney on my facebook page.

Flute Mashup Video from a fan

A fan sent me this mashup video he made which features some clips of one of my videos for a song he wrote. I'm not actually playing in the video and I think the flute sound is synth generated, but I thought it was awfully nice of him to want to include my video. It is always fun for me to see how youtube artists are constantly adapting and reinventing material and sometimes (as in this case), my work ends up in the mix in surprising ways!