Friday, September 21, 2007

The Mystery Flutist

I've been getting lots of video responses to my REAL FLUTE project.  To see any of the video responses mentioned in this video, you'll need to go to my videos on youtube and click video responses which appear under my videos. Tell the flutists you found their videos from ninaflute! 
I received MANY more excellent videos than I can possibly mention here, including videos of flutists from the UK, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, the Ukraine, the USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, Iraq, Venezuela, Austria, and more!   But the most interesting response I have had to my REAL FLUTE project is a package I received from a prominent flutist. See if you can guess who the mystery flutist is.  All the background music to this video is performed by the mystery flutist.

Mystery Flutist PART 2
Find out the identity of the mystery flutist with a few thoughts on cultivating a unique artistic voice.

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