Friday, October 5, 2007

Cultural Creatives and the Future of Classical Music

In a recent interview in Fanfare, the talented flutist and arranger Robert Stallman made a fascinating observation, “there’s a quiet revolution going on; there’s a growing public that’s hungry for something genuine and inspiring—something that goes deeper. So you have these “cultural creatives” tuning out what big media promotes, because they want something personal, beautiful, and real. And of course chamber music is all those things and more. It’s rich with worlds of meaning that are absolutely life giving, sustaining, and uplifting for us on a daily basis. And in time more and more people will be able to find it on the Web where you don’t have the old set of “gatekeepers.” 
This is exactly what is all about and I have been thrilled to share this vision with all of you, my fellow “cultural creatives.”
Photo: Robert Stallman
Hear me perform Stallman’s arrangement of the Carmen Fantasy

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