Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Flute Listening Project

A few weeks ago some colleagues and I were discussing the music recording business and it led to some discourse about encouraging legal Cd sales and to the larger issue of how so many student and amateur flutists are really completely unaware of the richness of artists in our field.  In fact, I asked my own class of high school and college flute students to each name for me, with no advance research or preparation, as many professional flutists as they could. Indeed, most could only name two or three players. So, I have started an experiment to broaden their knowledge of flutists and repertoire and at the same time encourage CD sales to support artists in our profession while helping my students build a valuable library.  I'll let you know how this experiment turns out and I would love it if other teachers would consider a similar experiment, or for other flutists to simply take on this assignment for their personal enjoyment.  Once my students have spent a year or two doing this assignment with flutists, I hope to branch out and start assigning them singers, string players, etc.
I copied my assignment below.
Flutist Listening Project 
NKU Applied Flute Lessons 
Dr. Nina Perlove 

The goal of this assignment is to increase your knowledge of professional flutists so that 
you can be knowledgeable about your field and gain an appreciation for different playing 
styles, training, and career paths.  It will also expand your exposure to flute repertoire and 
help build your personal music library.   

Each week of private lessons you will be required to turn in the following typed written 

 A short biography, written in your own words, of one assigned flutist.  
Biographies should include where the artist was born, where and with whom 
he/she trained, major professional accomplishments, and birth and death dates (if 

 You will be required to listen to at least one complete musical example of this 
artist using any of the resources available to you LEGALLY including libraries, 
university databases such as,, networking sites like 
myspace or youtube, an artist’s personal webpage, or by purchasing a CD or an 
mp3 from a site such as itunes.  You may borrow a recording from a friend as 
long as you engage in no illegal duplication.  You must type the exact composer’s 
name, title, and movement name for your listening example under the artist’s bio 
and provide me with the exact source (CD Name or website address). 

 Provide one paragraph in your own words of your thoughts on the listening 
example related to the piece played and the performer’s playing style or 

 Fool the Teacher!  In addition, you will need to find one flutist not assigned by 
me and complete the same assignment as outlined above, the goal being to select 
an accomplished, professional player unfamiliar to Dr. Perlove!  This way, you 
can introduce me to new players, too!  The artist must have substantial 
professional credentials such as positions in symphonies, recordings, teaching 
positions, and/or prestigious concert engagements.   

The written assignments will be turned in each week and then you will be expected to put 
them in a listening notebook that you will keep and add to each semester.   

At the end of each semester, you will select two of your favorite artists from the semester 
and be expected to purchase one CD from each artist. Of course, if you purchase any CDs 
during the semester’s assignment, those may be considered part of your end of the year 
acquisition. The goal will be to build up your personal music library.  Consider this part 
of your “textbook” expenses for the course. 

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