Thursday, April 30, 2009

YouTube Symphony: Jam at Poisson Rouge

The YouTube Symphony Team asked us if we would like to have an open mic night jam session in NYC with DJ/composer Mason Bates so I thought I would experiment with some ideas of how a classical flutist like me could collaborate and improvise with an electronica MASTER!

Members of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra and other surprise guests take to the stage at New York City's Le Poisson Rouge for some open mic performances. Featuring guest performer and DJ Mason Bates and musicians Fabio Gianolla (bassoon), Marco Antonio Mazzini Herrera (bass clarinet), Michal Shein (cello), Flueras Besa Titus (violin), Nina Perlove (flute), Celso Garcia Blanco (guitar), Tino Balsamello (piano), Manuel Ramos (violin), and cellist Joshua Roman. MC Ed Sanders on the mic. 

Nina and Celso play at about 2:50 on this video. We are playing Piazzolla’s Cafe 1930

I also played a  little improv with Mason. He played his electronica piece Blues7 and I improved over it using the JS Bach Partita in a minor.  Sorry the sound is not so great on this vid.
Nina and Mason

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