Sunday, November 15, 2009

ABC V - Anna (Morena Baccarin?) plays the flute (Debussy Syrinx)

The Visitors have arrived.
"We are of peace. Always."
Lately people have been stopping me on the street to tell me that I look a lot like the leader of the Alien world.  I was starting to get offended until I realized that they were talking about the new ABC television series V and that I resemble the character of Anna played by Morena Baccarin.  Do I really resemble an Alien High Commander...or could it be that Anna is in fact a classically trained flutist who has been inhabiting earth to learn all our secrets and deviously plans to take over the world by way of the internet?   Don’t believe me? Check out these pictures and videos below. Coincidence? You decide. Even thinks there is something "insane" going on here!

Scroll down to see Nina’s videos performing Debussy’s Syrinx, alien style, and plotting her defense against the aliens.

From the V website:
“FBI Counterterrorism Agent Erica Evans (the always rockin’ Elizabeth Mitchell of Lost) stares in disbelief at one of the 29 massive alien ships hovering over the major cities of the world. Erica makes her way through the panicked streets of New York...just as a video image of Visitor’s High Commander, Anna (Morena Baccarin), fills the sky. For an alien, Anna looks pretty darn human (i.e. stunningly beautiful) as she soothingly says, “Don’t be frightened. We mean you no harm.” The word you’re looking for is “whew!” 

The Visitors need water and a mineral which is abundant on Earth to survive. In exchange, they’ll share their technological advances, including cures for the sick. Anna’s closing words, “We are of peace, always” brings cheers from the masses. The people of Earth embrace the V’s (that’s their nickname) as there are 65 ailments they can cure. Life on Earth is good, right? Not so fast.” Quote from ABC episode-guide.

Here is the actual video clip from the TV show

And here is the other spoof video I made, which was mentioned on!

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