Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Concert of Music by Rick Arnest - audio now available

On May 11th, I played in a concert of works for four flutes by Cincinnati composer Rick Arnest. Performers were (left to right) Heather Verbeck, Danielle Hundley, Nina Perlove, Rick Arnest (composer) and Barbara Lambert. You can read all about his works and hear a recording from the live concert by following these links.

Ocam's Laser:

On the third movement, I play both flute and piccolo, and the sixteenth notes really gave me something to practice.

Jacob's Ladder:

Jacob's Ladder was especially challenging to play because the four players were spread out throughout the Church and well, frankly, it was almost impossible for us to hear each other. I was a little stressed, but at times like that, you just use your musical instincts and try to watch each other as much as possible.  The audience members all told me that the spatialization was very effective!

The bass flute played by Danielle Hundley was very generously provided by Pearl Flutes, so please email them and tell them THANK YOU!!!

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