Thursday, June 24, 2010

I have a new look!

Check out my redesigned website at and if you want to know how to make a super cool website like mine without knowing webcode, visit:


  1. Hi! Nina. I bought a new Silver Flute with Gold Keys about 3 weeks ago. Last time I played the Flute was 10 years ago when I sold my expensive Silver Flute. Now, I Am Back playing the Flute again. After all these years I was surprised that I am still good at learning and understanding music so it feels like I only stopped playing the Flute about 6 months ago. Hope that the neighbours won't mind about the noise though. Anyway, I have been looking at your Videos and you look like Anna from the Movie call V. You look like her Stunt Double!! Nice blue dress you are wearing. See you around in your YouTube Videos. Good Luck, Nina and always smile even if not many people leave comments here on this new Blog. Your new website looks great too :)

  2. Jack, That is funny that you mentioned Anna from V. Check out my blog post called
    You can see it here: ABC V Anna plays the flute